Short instruction in writing a reflective essay

It is very complicated to get high grades for every writing assignment, because all these tasks require special knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, not all writing skills that are required at colleges and universities are important in life. Writing a reflective essay is something that you will need only at college and it is not necessary to study this question deeply, because you have a website that can do this task for you for quite an affordable price. Yet, if you still have a desire to know the basic information about writing of this type of essay, you can read this article. Here, you will get advice from those who have broad knowledge in writing excellent academic papers.

Preparing for writing

Reflective essays are subjective and give your instructor the information of how some article, lesson or experience influenced on your understanding of class material.

First of all, you need to identify what experience, lesson or reading you want to use to write your essay. The best thing you can do is to write down everything important that comes to your mind. After you have written everything you want, read your notes and choose those that the most important in your life and related to the class material.

Organize information

The next step is organization of information. You have already chosen your brightest ideas and now you need to describe them.

  • Write down short quotes, summaries or description of your ideas;
  • Create a table that will help you organize your thoughts;
  • Ask yourself questions that will guide your response.

If the theme you are going to write about is your personal experience, then you need to recall it in your mind and jot down the most important details. If it is some lecture or article, you can find it and refresh your memory. Moreover, you can use some quotes that will help you to explain your ideas in the essay.

Process of writing

When you clearly see all your ideas, you can begin to write. Nowadays, most of the academic papers are written with computer, but to write the first draft is better with a pen or pencil. This will help you to relax and concentrate on writing process.

Write it short

Usually, a reflective essay is not less than 300 words and not more than 700 words. If your teacher doesn’t ask you to write more, just create your paper according to these recommendations. Writing about personal experience doesn’t mean providing wide description of your thoughts, it means to present short sentences that describe your character.

Structure the essay

In general, the structure of a reflective essay is the same, which means that it consists of:

  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraph;
  • Conclusion.

In introduction of a reflective essay, you need to write about your expectations. This paragraph shouldn’t be too long. The last sentence of your introduction should be a thesis statement. Here you need to explain your transition from expectations to conclusion. Your thesis statement should contain:

  • Information whether your expectations were met;
  • Focus and cohesion of your paper;
  • Usage of “From this experience/reading., I learned, I got to know” and so on.

In your body paragraph, you should provide an explanation of your conclusion. In other words, you should write about things that you understood by the end of experience, lesson or reading.

  • Conclusions must have detailed explanation.
  • Every conclusion must have its separate paragraph.
  • Every paragraph must have its topic sentence.

To conclude writing a reflective essay, you need to summarize everything: your understandings, expectations and feelings.

This is the main information that you need to know about reflective essay writing. Yet, don’t forget, that this is an academic paper, even if it is quite personal, you need to use only academic style (formal) of writing. If you think that this is something that you don’t want to do, find a professional that will help you.