Our prices and discounts

There are three things that you should know about prices we have on our services. First of all, price depends on the academic level of your paper. Second of all, it depends on deadline. If you need to get an urgent order, it will cost more. Thirdly, it depends on the number of pages. More detailed answer about this online writing company and prices on its services, you can by getting in touch with our support service.

On the Internet, you can find a number of writing companies that offer their services for quite low prices. Yet, you should be very careful because, in most of the cases such writing providers don’t create unique academic papers of high quality, they write mediocre papers, often plagiarized and even can cheat on you. If you take care of your reputation at college, it is better to avoid them. Prices of our writing company are not the cheapest, but our services are of a high quality.

Our writing company set prices in USD for each page of text that is written using Times New Roman style and font 12pt, with double spacing. In general, one such page has about 300 words. Yet, if you need some other parameters, you can easily change them when filling in the order form. However, you should understand that it will have influence on price. For instance, one page with double spacing costs the same as two pages with single spacing.

The VAT tax is not included in the prices that you can observe in the table. Yet, it is paid only by customers from the European Union and it will be added automatically to the final price of your order during the payment process.