Guide on how to write a literature review paper

A literature review paper requires special writing and reading skills. Unfortunately, it is very hard to develop them, because it needs a lot of time to do this. If you think that your time is precious, than you should find a writing service that will help you to get rid of this boring assignment. Yet, if you still ask yourself a question “how to write a literature review paper”, read this article and find out.

Basic information on a literature review paper

When you get a task to write a literature review paper, it means that your professor wants to see that you have read the book, that you understand it and can analyze it. However, it shouldn’t be a simple description or summary of what you have read. You also should know that this work can be written in any format, which means that everything depends on the requirements of your professor.

If you are going to work on your review paper, you should know the main purposes of the review:

  • To describe your work in a historical perspective;
  • To present the problem of your work;
  • To evaluate research methods;
  • To connect your study to previous knowledge and provide a suggestion of a further research.
  • Features of the review paper

Every review paper also should have a number of features to be successful:

  • Comparing and contrast of different views on a problem;
  • Critics of methodology aspects;
  • Background of the author/authors;
  • Identifying the connection between events in real life and book;
  • Defining the audience of the book;
  • Ideas and thoughts of other famous people about this book;
  • Now, when you clearly understand what a literature review is and what it requires, you can start writing your paper.

Writing a literature review paper

As any other academic paper, a literature review paper should be written in formal style, but everything else will depend on the format of paper. It can be a mini-review, or a full review. It doesn’t mean that mini-review has only two or three paragraphs, it means that it uncovers only main issues and leaves out some information. Full reviews are usually written in thesis or dissertation formats. In this review, you need to provide deep analysis of the book, trying not to miss anything.

Steps of the paper writing

If you want to learn how to write a literature review paper, you should get to know about the main steps of writing process.

  • Read carefully;
  • Make notes while reading;
  • Study some additional sources;
  • Analyze the information;
  • Identify the basic questions of your review;
  • Create an outline;
  • Structure your paper according to the paper format;
  • Write your first draft;
  • Revise your draft and correct it;
  • Proofread your paper.

Literature review writing always requires a lot of reading. You won’t be able to create a good paper, if you read without memorizing the most important things and details. During reading, it is very good to make notes in order to remember everything important. After you have finished the book for your research, you should think of ideas that you have about it and write them down.

The next step is studying additional sources of information. You read reviews of other people, or some critics, or anything that can help you understand the writer and his book. After this, you also need to analyze all the information. If it can help, you can group it or create some table.

When all the information you need is gathered, you should create an outline. It will help you follow your own ideas. Then you should think of the structure of your paper and decide in what order your ideas will be written. Everything else is quite simple. You should start writing relying on everything you have. If you have enough information and your outline is smart, the writing part won’t be complicated. At the end, you should read everything carefully, revise your paper and proofread it. Yet, if it is too complicated for you, find yourself a reliable helper.